Find your RHYTHM

True wellness is not the pursuit of preserving the body,

but rather...

the RHYTHM of listening, resting, and discovering balance

in body, mind, and soul.



Complimentary professional mat usage

All classes are non-heated

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Tea is available before and after class...

so bring a friend, stay a while, and enjoy our beautiful space!



Class Descriptions

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This high energy mixed-level power class is great for anyone looking to tone, strengthen, and revitalize the body. Let the dynamic movements and strengthening postures in this practice ignite and empower you for your day and week ahead.  Props and modifications allow the class to be tailored to  all levels of yoga practitioners. Don’t forget your water bottle!

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Developed by and unique to NOVA, Functional Yoga™  focuses on strength and stability. Whether your desire is to be free to move without pain or free to move into your most ambitious athletic goals, healthy functional movement is key.  From runners, bikers, athletes, and dancers to those of us who live at a desk, Functional Yoga will build stability, release tension, and create new energy for your day and week ahead.

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Repetitive, creative, expressive movement is a wonderful way for our bodies to process thoughts and emotions.  We can find a rhythm that begins to still the chaos buzzing around us. Join us for a journey on your yoga mat that not only nourishes your body and mind but awakens your soul.  This is an all-levels yoga class sprinkled with encouraging affirmations and meditations.

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This gentle, grounding practice invites you to sink into gentle stretches while feeling fully supported and relaxed in a safe space. Yin & Restorative yoga facilitate peace, surrender, and stillness in mind, body and soul. Through calming the nervous system, improving circulation, and releasing layers of age and stress, step out of this class with a greater gratitude for your body and mind.

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Ride the waves of your breath to reach a state of energy of bliss. Explore and heal layers of the self by tapping into a variety of breathing techniques and movements to cleanse and center your mind, body and spirit. Learn to play and connect with your breath, focusing on clarity in connection to prana, the breath of life.

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Sink into a gentle and rhythmic flow that will help you center and reconnect with your body.  This practice interweaves slow flow into yin postures, guiding you to open through flow then sink into stillness. It will soothe your senses and bring rich relaxation as you settle into the yogic rest called Nidra. Leave feeling awakened, rested, and empowered to move forward with intention.

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Focused on myofascial release, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bolsters, and other tools are used as a guide to self-massage safely, properly rolling out the muscles and fascia. We will use yoga postures with longer holds to maximize therapeutic benefits, reduce pain, improve flexibility, lengthen muscles, and increase range of motion. This class is perfect for improving function for an active lifestyle and athletic performance.

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Our studio is open during these times to support your personal intention for your practice. With or without a guide, enter into a space for silence and center yourself for your day. Props are available for use and comfort. We encourage you to take this time as gift to yourself, knowing that mind, body, and soul benefits from this stillness. Class is included free with all membership levels.

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