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Athletic Training for Dancers

Providing dancers with athletic training and conditioning that supports the technical demands of the dance profession.
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Can you be an athlete

and a dancer?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! In fact, if you are a dancer you ARE an ATHLETE. Dancing demands an incredible amount from the body, but asks you to make it look effortless and beautiful! You are creating a unique, moving form of art and that is no easy task! 

When we respect the dancer's body as the body of an athlete, we can accomplish so much more, and without the fear of injury! At NOVA we want to give you the knowledge and skills to support your body through many years of dance and all the other adventures life may bring! 

About NOVA's ATD Program

Many studios and companies across the nation have added conditioning classes to their dance programming...

However, there is limited curriculum and training on how to effectively and efficiently equip dancers to meet the growing physical demands of the dance profession.

So many dancers have slipped past the trained eyes of physical therapists and personal trainers who are quick to recognize a dancer's strength and flexibility but fail to see the muscle imbalances and stability weaknesses, common to dancers. Left unchecked these imbalances and weaknesses lead to a host of overuse and reoccurring, chronic injuries. 

At NOVA we provide a holistic athletic training program that addresses the unique needs of young and emerging professionals by:

  • providing targeted strength building that will improve stability, strength, and stamina.
  • teaching dancers to develop a habit of conditioning at home and on their own time.
  • equipping students to listen to, support, and train their bodies.
  • and inspiring a love for wellness and healthy living.

With a team of trainers experienced in education, sports nutrition and chiropractic, dance, and functional movement we created a cohesive and usable, personal training curriculum specifically for dancers!  Our curriculum incorporates best practices and current research produced by the Harkness Center, the International Association of Dance Medicine, the Biofunctional Method, and many others.

Email: atd@novadanceandwellness.com for more info.


Designed for Dancers who...

  • are 15 years and older
  • have a solid technical foundation (ABT Level 4 minimum) *ideal for professional & pre-professional students
  • desire to increase their stability, strength & stamina
  • want to prevent injury 
  • are eager to gain the tools for a long and successful career in dance

NOVA's holistic approach


Personal Training sessions focus on building stability, strength & stamina by:

  • mastering breathwork to enhance quality of movement and muscle engagement 
  • building dynamic core & hip stability through functional movement patterns
  • increasing endurance, extensions, and jump height through advanced strength training
    (weight lifting + stability work with resistance)


With the intense demands of our fast-paced world and the pressures of the dance profession we focus on: 

  • forming a positive body image and self-confidence
  • using food to fuel a dancer's lifestyle, body, and mind
  • providing tools for stress management and self-care



Depression and anxiety are on the rise in the dance world, with high turnover rates in companies. We provide resources that:

  • help dancers feel connected and supported
  • brings them to a community beyond the walls of their own studio
  • gives them a space to self-reflect, assess and set goals for their future
"The ATD program was informative and inspirational. Not only were instructors and coaches kind, but also very informative. I felt inspired and empowered by their holistic approach." - Esther
"The ATD program motivated me to work on my conditioning outside of dance. I had trainers who helped me create a very personalized workout that strengthened where I’m weakest and prevent injury. It helped me feel like I wasn’t alone, having a nutritionist who had knowledge about what to eat. It was encouraging to know my trainer was willing to answer any of my questions and help me figure out how to keep my past injuries from coming back. - Sophie
The ADT program was so helpful in keeping me accountable in my workouts. The instructor was good at listening to me and helping with my weak areas. The nutritionist helped me with snacks to eat before and after my dance classes to keep up my energy. - Lauren

What's included?

✔️ A unique 1-1 Biofunctional movement assessment to identify patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances. $49 fee

 ✔️ Three 1-1 Sports Nutrition Coaching sessions, a personalized nutrition plan, and messenger access to our sports nutrition coach for 12 weeks

 ✔️ 8 Personal Training Sessions based on NOVA's research-based curriculum designed for increasing strength, stability, and ballistic power in dancers

 ✔️ 2 Wellness Workshops that include a nutrition-focused cooking class, and a wellness seminar focused on mental health, stress management, and self-care for athletes

 ✔️ Weekly Wellness Stream via messenger that provides daily wellness resources, ideas and encouragements


$165/mo for 3 months
The deadline to apply is Aug 13th!
Biofunctional Assessment
(required as part of the program)
$49 one-time fee
 additional 10% off for returning students

Fall 2022 Program Schedule

Deadline to apply is August 13th!
August 14-27 
Biofunctional Assessments & Nutrition Check-in #1  
August 28th, 2:00 pm EST
Nutrition Check-in #2
Wellness Workshop #1 
Nutrition Check-in #3
Wellness Workshop #2



Personal Training Weeks  (one 60 min session/week)

  1. Aug 28 - Sep 3
  2. Sep 4-10
  3. Sep 11-17
  4. Sep 25 - Oct 1
  5. Oct 9-15
  6. Oct 23-29
  7. Nov 6-12
  8. Nov 13-19

Students can message their personal trainer and nutritional coach throughout the week via the Trainerize app.

Check out the App!

You'll have access to the Trainerize app to track your workout plans and progress, and message your trainer and nutritional coach all in one place!